Grey Forge LeFey

Grey Forge LeFey

Grey Forge LeFey is at home in the Mojave Desert in southern California. From a young age his singular desire was to draw comics and tell stories, and visual expressions of stories in particular. The fantasy of a boundless imagination continues to provide a rich source of inspiration in his work.

Grey earned a degree in Visual Communications at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1990 and followed with advanced classes for digital art professionals at Kent State University. He worked in the corporate world of advertising and graphic design for over twenty years, becoming a digital art expert and print technology specialist. In 2015 he hung up his corporate hat to go to work in his own studio, revisiting the mediums of actual for-real paint and getting his hands dirty again. He often takes work begun on canvas into the computer for the best of both worlds.

Grey has numerous other creative outlets as well: he’s been a singer, actor, and guitarist as long as he can remember. He was the Artistic Director of his own theatre company in Northeast Ohio before coming to his heart’s home in California. He is a writer and playwright, and please! Join his blog at

His artwork has appeared at Second April Galerie, The Dreg Spot, Buzzbin, Journey Art Gallery, Market Street Art Spot, and his own co-op studio, DW Downtown, in Northeast Ohio.

In California his work has shown at Joshua Tree Art Gallery, Gallery 62, Yucca Valley Art Gallery at the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, ArtTrap, The Glass Outhouse, the Art Colony of Morongo Valley, and Chaparral Arts. He has been a featured artist at Gallery 62 and has been a participating artist in Morongo Basin Cultural Art Center’s Highway 62 Art Tours.